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Lo scaffale
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Rothbard, Murray N.
Mises Institute - 1999, Pagine 58 Prezzo €6,00
Una dura critica della scuola statale

Here`s Rothbard at his best: radical, zesty, prophetic, full of insights and outrageous--with material you`ve probably never seen before. The book was serialized in The Individualist almost three decades ago, and the Mises Institute has performed a great service by making it available again.

Rothbard explains why liberty is essential for children to develop their unique combinations of abilities and achieve independence. Yet governments force everyone to do the same things at the same time, the pace determined by the slowest learners. Moreover, government schools force children to associate with many others who wouldn`t be there except for compulsory schooling laws. "This," Rothbard points out, "includes subnormal, uneducable children, and various types of juvenile delinquents and hoodlums." Remember, Rothbard wrote these words before government school mass murders and metal detectors made news!

The book provides a lively chronicle of compulsory government schooling from ancient times to the present, which shows why tyrants and conquerors love it. Splendid work.


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