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Denson J. (cur.)
America's Pyrrhic Victories (2nd expanded edition)
Transaction - 1999, Pagine 535 Prezzo €30,00
Eccezionale raccolti di saggi isolazionisti scritti da libertari e conservatori. Tra i migliori quelli di Rothbard, Hoppe e Raico.

Documents the massive suppression of civil liberties that occurs during wartime. Youll see how wartime governments seduce intellectuals. All the major wars weve been involved with are covered here. Essays are by Mark Twain, Lord Acton, Murray N. Rothbard, Robert Higgs, and other distinguished contributors.

The standout essay is Ralph Raicos "World War I, the Turning Point," which is worth the price of the book. This war and the vindictive settlement that followed ushered in 70 years of Soviet communism, triggered explosive German nationalism, and provided a model for central economic planning around the world. Raico discusses controversies about the causes of World War I, the development of the war, and President Woodrow Wilsons ignorance and hypocrisy that made things worse.


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