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Lavoie, Don
representation and morality of business
Cato Institute - 2000, Pagine 148 Prezzo €20,00
Studio accademico sul rapporto tra cultura e mercato.

"This book is important and timely. While opponents of freedom have largely conceded that markets are unbeatable on the efficiency front, they now alleged that markets suffer a host of cultural deficiencies. If people today are heeding these allegations, it`s because too few first-rate scholars have given culture the role it deserves in analyses of markets, politics, and other social institutions. Lavoie and Chamlee-Wright persuasively argue for the importance of culture in shaping social institutions and for the necessity of incorporating culture into our social sciences."
--Don Boudreaux, Chairman of the Economics Department, George Mason University

"This book is a remarkable achievement: by synthesizing culture studies and economics, it improves both disciplines. . . . There is no more sophisticated treatment of the role of culture in economics out there."
--Kevin Quinn, Bowling Green State University


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