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Paterson, Isabel
Transaction - 1993, Pagine 308 Prezzo €19,50
Un classico libertario della Old Rightpubblicato nel 1943

Isabel Paterson was one of America`s most important, if lesser known, independent authors for liberty. During the gloomy war year 1943, she produced this inspiring book which displays profound insights about the development of human freedom since ancient times and about the workings of a successful social order, all expressed in a lively style.

Few authors before or since have denounced collectivism with as much fury. She dramatically shows why socialism always means stagnation, backwardness, corruption and slavery. Reflecting on the Prohibition debacle, Paterson ridicules the notion that government can set moral standards for anyone.

Cox`s substantial introduction is a comprehensive and enlightening account of Paterson`s colorful life and work. What fun you`re going to have discovering, or rediscovering, this sensational book.

"An invaluable arsenal of intellectual ammunition for any advocate of capitalism. It is a sparkling book, with little gems of polemical fire scattered through almost every page, ranging from bright wit to the hard glitter of logic to the quiet radiance of a profound understanding."
--Ayn Rand

"I try to restrain my enthusiasm, but it seems to me a book ranking with the best of Paine and Madison."
--Rose Wilder Lane

"Brilliant, searching, and closely reasoned.... [S]ince Mrs. Paterson`s concern is with the freedom of all the powers of the individual, she cannot stop with either a philosophy of history or a discussion of how human energy circuits are set up or smashed. The sections of the book ray out from a central concept like the spokes of a great wheel."
--John Chamberlain

"It is the best and most complete statement of the basic principles of our side, and the greatest defense of capitalism I have every read. It does for capitalism what Das Kapital did for the Reds, if such a comparison is not too offensive." --Ayn Rand

"Not just theory, but rhapsody, satire, diatribe, poetic narrative."
--Stephen Cox

"Uncommonly pungent, lively, and witty."
--The Atlantic


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